According to market records, 95 percent of individuals with a hearing loss could be successfully treated with hearing devices, while fewer than 25 percent currently utilize them.

Often this is because of the social stigma these devices carry. Unfortunately, most people are forced to look for help because of family pressure or a safety concern, otherwise called a trigger effect. It takes, on average, seven years for a person to decide to seek a solution for their hearing difficulty. We recommend having your patients’ hearing checked once a year. Thank you again for working with us to create a community of healthier, happier patients.

Audiology & Hearing Aids of the Palm Beaches is here to help your patients. If your patient is experiencing any difficulty hearing, Dr. Dana Coveney, Au.D. would be delighted to evaluate their hearing. Dr. Coveney is committed to patient satisfaction, continuing education, and keeping up to date with the latest in hearing technology. This commitment has earned her a respected position in the audiology community. Audiology & Hearing Aids of the Palm Beaches is the only AudigyCertified practice in the Palm Beaches area – an exclusive endorsement awarded only to the nation’s top hearing care providers. Please remember to ask your patients if they are experiencing any difficulty hearing. Your referrals are appreciated.

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