Your hearing aids help connect you to what matters most, and taking care of them — including regular cleaning — helps keep them operating their best. For easy cleaning and care that extends the life of your technology, reduces wear and tear, and helps ensure the clearest hearing, we’re proud to offer solutions of the highest quality.

AGX® Protect

This simple-to-use device, which uses an air-fan dehumidifier system and ultraviolet rays to dry and disinfect all types of hearing aids, doubles as convenient storage too! The UV exposure eliminates over 99 percent of viruses and bacteria — reducing the risk of infection — and dries your hearing devices in just 30 minutes.

AGX Hearing Aid Cleaner

AGX Cleaning Wipes

These single-use wipes — perfect for traveling and quick cleanings — are effective against earwax, which can decrease sound quality. The surface-active agent safely cleans without damaging hearing aids or earmolds. Simply wipe the devices and let them dry before inserting back in ear. Discard the wipe after use.

AGX Hearing Aid Cleaning Wipes


This small, electronic medical device — the first and only washing system worldwide — is designed to wash, dry, and disinfect hearing aids of all types, models, and manufacturers. The patented system safely removes earwax and dehumidifies, helping reduce the risk of moisture problems, skin irritation, and the need for repairs.

PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaner

AGX Cleaning Spray

Even crusted earwax is no match for our cleaning spray, which quickly dissolves cerumen without damaging hearing aids.

Simply spray the solution onto a dry, soft cloth — being careful not to spray the hearing aid — and rub the device until complete evaporation. For harder earwax, apply light pressure to wet the brush bristles and then scrub to dissolve the wax.

AGX Spray Hearing Aid Cleaner


Having your hearing devices cleaned, checked, and adjusted periodically by a professional helps them stay in top shape, but a little DIY care goes a long way.

Keep these effective products on hand for your regular at-home maintenance, and be sure to contact our hearing care experts with any questions!