Dana Luzon Coveney, Au.D. Board Certified Doctor of Audiology

Has your audiologist recommended “binaural hearing devices”? Don’t panic. Binaural simply means “two ears” – which is what nature gave you. Two ears are, indeed, better than one for a number of reasons. Just like our eyes, our brains are wired to receive sound from both ears. Many first time hearing aid wearers think starting with just one hearing aid may be easier to adjust to or save them some money; however, two hearing aids are truly better than one.

So, you may save a few dollars by going the one-hearing-aid route but you may also find that one hearing aid causes more trouble than what your savings is worth. Let’s take a closer look at why two hearing aids are almost always better than the one-hearing aid approach to hearing loss.

Here are some reasons why two hearing aids are better than one:

  • Better localization – the ability to tell where sounds are coming from
  • Better hearing in background noise
  • Better sound quality (“mono” versus “stereo”)
  • Better hearing for soft sounds such as children’s voices and sounds of nature
  • Less strain on you while listening – with only one hearing aid you may often strain to hear various sounds and become fatigued, with two hearing aids listening is more relaxed
  • Listening balance – you won’t be turning your “good” ear to hear. Higher success and satisfaction – studies indicate people who wear two hearing aids are much more satisfied with their hearing aids.

Studies have also shown when only one hearing aid is worn and the other ear is deprived of sound, the “use it or lose it” principle applies, causing the onset of auditory deprivation in the non-amplified ear. In other words, the word recognition ability in the unaided ear decreases from lack of sound stimulation – and this spells trouble for those who think they can successfully add a second aid later.

Today, quality hearing aids use digital technology – circuitry that’s used in computers and cell phones – and what a difference a few decades and countless hours of research have made!
Today’s digital hearing devices are sleek, discreet, fashionable, high-tech and low-maintenance. They can be programmed by a Doctor of Audiology to suit your specific hearing needs. Most adjust automatically for changes in volume levels and adapt to background noise without the user having to manually press any buttons.

Forget everything Grandpa told you about his hearing aids. Those days and those hearing aids are long gone! Today, you can enjoy the sounds of life without a lot of hassles. Modern hearing aids deliver amazing sound quality and are very easy to use.

Your hearing is very important and contributes greatly to a better quality of life, and you should do everything you can to make sure you find the right hearing center for your needs. As an Audigy Certified professional, I take time to understand the listening environments that are most important for you to hear better along with your test results to find the best solution for your hearing needs.  I provide complimentary demonstrations of digital hearing devices in the office so you can experience better hearing firsthand! Modern hearing devices can improve your quality of life immensely so why wait to seek treatment? Call today to schedule an appointment for a demonstration with the newest digital hearing devices.