Audiologist holding an otoscope with her arms crossed, while husband and wife talk in the background

Over 36 million American adults have some degree of hearing loss. That is over 4 times the amount of people who live in New York City.

The statistics are shocking and even more so knowing that over half of those 36 million Americans are under the age of 65. Hearing loss is an increasing health concern in the USA. Make an appointment with an audiologist this October during National Audiology Awareness Month.

“Hearing loss can be caused by exposure to loud noises, family history of hearing loss, trauma, or ear disease; harm to the inner ear, illness and deterioration due to the normal aging process,”explains Dr. Luzon Coveney.

The amount of noise Americans are exposed to today plays an important role in the recent increase of hearing loss across the nation. It is no longer just a health concern for seniors.

Some tell signs of hearing problems are:

  • Trouble hearing conversation in a noisy environment such as restaurants
  • Difficulty following along in group conversations
  • Asking friends or family members to repeat their words
  • Increasing the volume on the television and the sound still not being clear
  • Difficulty or inability to hear people talking to you without looking at them
  • Withdrawal/isolation from social gatherings
  • Difficulty hearing in the workplace

If you think you may have a hearing loss, you need to see a doctor of audiology. A hearing evaluation will determine the degree of hearing loss you have and what can be done. Although most hearing loss is permanent, an audiologist can determine the best treatment plan for each patient’s listening needs and lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.