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Audiology & Hearing Aids of the Palm Beaches Reviews

Google Reviews

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terrific people. Immediate and competent help when needed
Professional who care. 100% focused on your care. I recommend without reservations.
On time appointment, professional care, familiarity with my problem ——- what more can someone ask for?s
Awesome experience with the knowledgeable doctor and team.
Very happy with the way I am treated when I go see Dr. Luzon.
“I'm writing for my mom who is 94-years old, legally blind, and just got new hearing aids. We made an appointment with Dana to adjust the hearing aids and help my mom learn to use them. My mom said Dana was incredibly patient, professional, and didn't rush ...” View Allher. Everyone in the office was respectful and kind. The best thing is that my mother's hearing is so improved. Talking on the phone with my mom used to be difficult, but now she hears everything. She's so happy. Thank you, Dana. My mom wouldn't consider going anywhere else, and she'll recommend Dana to her friends.”
Dana is a talented audiologist with many options to present. Her service is caring and her office is very efficient. I am very pleased with her.
Dr. Luzon is professional and caring. The office runs very smooth with Carolyn at the front desk. I highly recommend this office
Dr. Dana was kind & informative. Adjusted existing hearing aids and their working much better. Thank you!
A great audiology operation that has been helping me for years. I’ve never been tempted to look elsewhere. Dana and Carolyn are first rate with service and they stay on top of the new technologies.
Very professional and courteous.
“I cannot recommend Audiology & Hearing Aids of the Palm Beaches highly enough. Dr. Luzon and Carolyn were simply the best. I was anxious about making the appointment, I brought my wife for moral support, and having the hearing test - I did not really want ...” View Allto know I had any hearing loss. Carolyn greeted my wife and I so nicely that I began to feel less anxious immediately. Dr. Luzon was very patient throughout the process from quick medical history, to the anatomy of the ear, the actual hearing test and a review of the computerized charts showing your test results. Very professional and so very comfortable. All that anxiety on my part for nothing! No high pressure sales tactics. My wife and I decided that based on the results we could wait a little for hearing aids. But if you need hearing aids Dr. Luzon offers outstanding products. These are not your father's hearing aids - they are technological marvels. If you suspect a hearing loss, this is the office to visit! I'll be back in 9-12 months for another checkup.”
I won’t go anywhere else for my audiology needs!
Very pleasant and efficient office. Ms. Luzon and her staff are terrific.
“I broke one of my aids and called their office to see if they could fix it. They told me to come right over and they would take a look. Dr. Luzon fixed it in five minutes with no charge.. The receptionist, Carolyn, was quite pleasant and professional. I wo...” View Alluld recommend this office to anyone. ”
“Hi Carolyn, I'm writing to you because my life changed after walking in your offices. My wife has been on me for years to have my hearing checked. She would get so frustrated because I did hear her, and she would have to repeat what she said. Or me having...” View All the TV so loud just so I could hear it. I would attend work meetings and never hear what the conversation was about. I mastered lip reading and body language. But I was missing life and work. All because I could not hear. That changed when I went to Dana Luzan with the Audiology and Hearing Aids of the Palm Beaches. I got tested and found out what my wife already knew. I was almost deaf. I just didn't know it. You see, when you can't hear, you don't know missing because you can't hear what the normal person is hearing. I was very impressed with how far technology has come when it comes to hearing aids. The testing alone was an amazing process. Dana is professional and compassionate. She was patient with me throughout the whole process. I have 2 hearing aids. Imagine my wonderment the first time I wore them. I could hear things I haven't heard since I really don't know when. You don't realize what your missing. I want to thank Dana and Carolyn for making this a life changing decision. No one can even tell I'm wearing 2 hearing aids. They are so easy to put in and take out. People who I work with tell me they can see a difference in my whole demeanor. I am forever grateful. If my story sounds like yours, make an appointment and change your life like I did. -- Rick Netzel”
“Both my Mother in Law and Father in Law have been patients of Dr Luzon. She is a consummate professional. She is kind, supportive and gentle with her patients. Accepting the loss of hearing is always difficult, and learning how to use and care for the h...” View Allearing aids takes time, Dr. Luzon is there every step of the way. I am so pleased with the results that both of my husband's parents have achieved with her help. I recommend her without reservation!”

Facebook Reviews

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Great office. Dr. Luzon is caring and very knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions. Carolyn the office manager is always very helpful.
Thank you for my new hearing aides. I am completely in awe. These are going to be absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to hear better. So excited that you picked me to be your contest winner
Wonderful doctor, Dr. Luzon is very professional, very thorough and very nice to be with.
The efficiency and kindness of Carolyn and Dr Coveney from making the appointment to determining the best solution for my hearing loss. Dr Coveney patiently took her time explaining everything about hearing and the options to treat my hearing loss.
Terrific front office and great provider They always have the most positive attitude and are truly dedicated to their patients Ken Siegel
Very knowledgeable and caring staff Who value your time. They took time to answer all my questions and were extremely caring.
Very professional and friendly. Glad I went to see Dr. Luzon.
Dr Luzon and Carolyn are wonderful to work with. Highly recommend this office! Hearing again sounds so good!!
Comfirtable snd friendly atmosphere Dr is very well versed in audiology and the hearing aids she recommends i highly recommend her
My husband and I are very happy with the hearing aids we purchased from Dr Luzon. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She provides excellent follow up! Her office staff is always friendly and pleasant to deal with !
“I had tried at least 5 different "hearing aid specialists" over several years before I came to Dr. Luzon. Dr. Luzon listened to my hearing challenges, tested me, and came up with the only useful hearing devices in my previous unsuccessful attempts to hear ...” View Allproperly. I have already tried to recommend her to another optometrist colleague and to a few other people who are my patients.”
“I always purchased hearing aids "up North", but this time I went to Dr. Luzon for a specialty item for one sided deafness. She was extremely knowledgeable about my options in various devices and how to program them all. I am very pleased with the treatment...” View All and the results. Sonny Pierce”
Professional,friendly team and very helpful And convent location.
“The professsionalism of the staff and the availabily of services is outstanding. My checkups are thorough and frequent. If I need more batteries, they are available with a phone call. All my concerns and questions are answered and addressed immediately....” View All Dr. Luzan is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend Audiology & Hearing Aids of the Palm Beaches to anyone who is in need of testing, recommendations of products, and excellence of service.”
Dr. Luzon recently took impressions for my IEM system. She was extremely helpful in explaining which product would work best for my needs. I can't wait to try them out! Would definitely recommend! Thank you so much!
Dr. Luzon and Carolyn in the office are wonderful!

Yelp Reviews

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“I visited two Audiologists before meeting Dr. Luzon. They were more concerned about selling High Priced Hearing Aids than fitting me with the ones that were best for me. They were "Skilled Salespeople", not Professional Audiologists who had my Best Interes...” View Allts in mind. Dr. Luzon has the Distinction of being one of the very few Audiologists who holds a Doctors Degree in Audiology in Palm Beach County and you see this when you visit her. I find it easy to make appointments through her welcoming Assistant, Carol. Make the right decision for yourself by visiting Dr. Luzon before making a decision on buying Hearing Aids. You will be very happy you did. Larry”